What is involved in a Cranio session?

What is the client’s experience of a Craniosacral treatment?

JuliasmallThe client lies, face-up, fully clothed on a therapy bed, while I assess your Craniosacral rhythm. During this assessment, I will be able to understand where to focus the work.To you, the client, it’s a gentle experience, and many fall into a sleepy, but aware state. You could also experience a series of bodily jerks, which indicates energetic releases happening, others see colours or recall memories.Craniosacral Therapists use neither manipulation nor probing. Rather, we follow (using our hands), the patterns of movement within the body. Then, with gentle holding, we reflect back to the body the manner in which it is holding itself. This awareness triggers the body’s innate wisdom to effect the necessary releases to enhance the wellness of the body. Most clients find the treatment deeply relaxing. Many of those who have been experiencing pain report that the pain eases or dissipates as early as after the first session.

How does CST work in the body?

Because of its influence on the functioning of the central nervous system, Craniosacral Therapy can benefit the body in a number of ways — from improving overall health and resistance to disease to alleviating a wide range of specific health conditions.

What ages and who is this therapy suitable for?

All ages.  All mammals.

How long is a session and how many sessions are required?

In a first appointment (usually about 1.5-2 hours) a full medical and health history is taken, and a session ensues during which the practitioner assesses the functioning of the person’s Craniosacral System. Thereafter, appointments are generally scheduled on a weekly, or bi-weekly (every two weeks) basis, and last approximately one hour.The number of sessions required varies from person to person and depends entirely on the client’s presenting condition, and their responsiveness to the treatment. More chronic conditions (those that the client has had for a long time), tend to take a greater number of treatments to resolve. Most people feel the benefits of the treatment immediately.Craniosacral therapy works with the root cause of the conditions, and as such, can effect lasting relief of symptoms. As the Australian practitioner, John Dalton, says: “In 13 years I have never had anyone return for treatment for the original problem they came to me with. Not one.”With children and babies, sessions are the same time span, but broken up into manageable portions with breaks.