CST for Horses

CST is a gentle way to support horses with a variety of different complaints:

Colic, Lameness, TMJ, Jaw, Headshaking, Shock, Anxiety, Fear, Stiffness, Pain and more.

What to expect if you have someone out to do a CranioSacral Therapy session on your horse

Do NOT expect them to be vigorously rubbing your horse down.  .

Do NOT expect the therapist to be forcefully cranking your horse into different positions.  If they are, they are probably doing something else.

DO expect them to seemingly hang-out with their hands on your horse in different places.  It can be a lot like watching paint dry.  You will most likely see signs of release though; licking, yawning, chewing, sighing, and passing wind.

Do NOT be surprised if your horse continues to change up to a week after a session.  The Craniosacral System continues to adjust for some time after a session which is why they are spaced approximately 2 weeks apart, to allow the body to integrate the adjustments that occur.

Here is an example of how a session could look like: